Choosing comfortable headphones

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Choosing comfortable headphones

I spend a lot of my day with headphones in. I work in a loud office and I use headphones to help block out some of the distracting chatter from my workmates. As I wear the headphones for so long each day, I try to find the most comfortable headphones that don't become irritating after a while. This blog has some tips that I have picked up from audio experts, as well as some of my own reviews of different headphones. It should be useful for anyone who loves to listen to music and podcasts for long periods of time.

How to Ensure That Your Big Event Is Recorded Properly

Social media seems to be taking over the world and most people have several different accounts that they monitor on a regular basis. The option to show yourself in a live environment and to share this with your friends has become all the rage. It seems that everybody wants to be a producer and to get their share of the limelight. Yet if you want to make a significant impression, perhaps for business reasons, you need to do more than just 'point and shoot' for optimal results. What other factors do you need to take into account?

When you're shooting a serious live event, you don't need to have the resources of a Hollywood studio, but you do need to take certain precautions and use the right type of equipment.

What Type of Event?

Firstly, determine what type of event you want to stage. Is the subject (perhaps you) going to be stationary most of the time? In this case, you can get away with one camera, but ideally two, set on a tripod. If the subject is going to be moving around, or if there's more than one individual or focal point, then you may need a mixture of tripods and possibly a shoulder rig, depending on where you will place the cameras and the range of vision needed.

Using a Soundboard

If you're going to be serious, you will need to have a soundboard in place. The microphone on your smart phone may be fairly advanced these days, but it's not going to be good enough quality for something significant. You can get an audio recording device that can run on batteries and get signal from conventional camera outputs, but don't forget to pick up good quality cables and accessories as well. During the recording of the event, you will need somebody independent to monitor the audio. The right mix needs to be configured so that you don't end up with distortion.

Multiple Cameras

When you are recording a live event for business purposes, it's going to make a considerable difference if you use a multi-camera set up. This will make it much more engaging and professional, as you'll be able to move from one view to another in post-editing.

Using Tripods

Don't be tempted to try and shoot something using a hand-held camera for anything more than a casual production. You should always use a stationary tripod, or a shoulder mounted rig due to the variation in distance and stability issues.

Continuous Recording

If you want to have an easier job producing your event prior to distribution and want to avoid any editing nightmares, always ensure that you continue recording through the event without stopping. You may find it very difficult to sync everything correctly to come up with a seamless production otherwise.

Avoiding Failures

Finally, make sure that all batteries are fully charged before you start and if possible, plug all of your A/V devices into hardwired surge protectors. You always want to be sure that your masterpiece is recorded without interruption due to technical issues!

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