Choosing comfortable headphones

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Choosing comfortable headphones

I spend a lot of my day with headphones in. I work in a loud office and I use headphones to help block out some of the distracting chatter from my workmates. As I wear the headphones for so long each day, I try to find the most comfortable headphones that don't become irritating after a while. This blog has some tips that I have picked up from audio experts, as well as some of my own reviews of different headphones. It should be useful for anyone who loves to listen to music and podcasts for long periods of time.

A Garage Band’s Guide For Improving Their Sound

Many bands start out full of enthusiasm and will rehearse for many hours in a garage or a basement working on their songs but fail to ever sound truly professional. Although this comes down to something essential – musicianship – it is often the case that how a band sounds is due to a lack of knowledge of PA systems and other audio equipment. Being able to use the audio equipment you have to your best advantage is essential. Read More 

How to Ensure That Your Big Event Is Recorded Properly

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